15 Awesome Tricks That You Can Do With Google Search Engine

Google Canada PicWhat is Google?

Google is the world #1 search engine. It helps you to provide what you want to know or what you actually need. The company named “Google” started in September 4,1998 the idea was to create a search engine only but as soon as Google has made great success so google come up with many things
Which are mentioned below

  • Youtube
  • Google News
  • Google Books
  • Google Mobile Phones
  • and infinite things that are not easy to remember ..

Here’s Some Awesome Tricks that you never knew before

#1. Google Can Help You to select and differentiate between foods
Cheeseburger vs pizza

#2. It can tell you about sunset

sunset in california

#3. Google can tell you about Flights arrival and depature

Google Awesome Flight Trick

#4. Google can get you forecast of any country or city Just type “Country forecast” or “City forecast”

Google Forecast trick

#5. Google can tell you any Movie release date Just type “Movie Name release date” here’s the example

Titanic Release Date

#6. Search “tilt” and see the result

#7. Search “do a barrel roll”

#8. Search “Atari Breakout”


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