Benefits of WordPress for Your Online Business Website

Benefits of WordPress for Your Online Business Website

WordPress has evolved from a Blogging platform to CMS and these days most online business Websites prefers WordPress as their top choice of platform. Many people, who are not aware of this change and benefits of using WordPress or similar CMS platforms, are still opting for some static pages .html Websites. Here I will like to outline some of benefits of WordPress.

There are many website management packages out in the market like Joomla to Dot Nuke; each has its own advocates. The problem for many people is that we just do not have technical expertise or capital to make few of these solutions work for us. The fact of matter is that one of easiest website content management systems is free WordPress.

Wordpress For sites

WordPress For sites

Benefits of WordPress for Business Site:

Search Engine Optimization SEO

This is the most common benefit of WordPress. WordPress is built around the fact that it should be discovered by the search engines. WordPress implements a lot of search engine friendly techniques and some principles. In addition, there are a lot of extensions and different plugins which you can add on for increasing your SEO.

Ease of use

Even if you are unfamiliar with the term content management systems and you don’t have any programmer and designer on your staff, you can build a decent site by using WordPress. In terms of administration the WordPress platform is significantly easy to use than any other competitor platforms. The administrative interface is more intuitive, adding content is very quick and simple, and installing different plugins takes little effort.

Quick installation

Most major web hosting providers offer some simple, one click installations of WordPress for your own site. You do not need to worry about downloading WordPress installation files and use FTP to upload them to your website; simply visit hosting provider’s control panel, then click Install WordPress and within some minutes you will be up and running your blog.


No software package is free from vulnerability of course. However WordPress is known for being very secure. There have been only some security exploits for WordPress over years.

WordPress Plugins

There is lot of WordPress plugins. No matter what you want to achieve, chances are that there is a plugin to do it. There are plugins available to integrate with social media. There are plugins that will allow you to do a podcast. There are plugins that track metrics for your site. There are plugins that can turn your site into an online store.

WordPress Updates

WordPress is open source platform. It is constantly receiving feedback and improvements from design and development community. WordPress receives regular updates which fixes bugs or offers some new features and functionality.

WordPress Theme Customization

Your online business requires having its own look. WordPress offers many opportunities for customization. In addition to many plugins that can make your site unique, there are thousands of templates available that you can use for your WordPress site.

Premium WordPress theme club

Even in the terms of costing, there are different theme clubs like Elegant Themes, which offer you more than 40 themes for just $39. So if you have small online business which does not require a fancy custom design, then you can pick one of the pre designed themes which suits your needs.


While WordPress is not the fastest website software in the market today, it is less bulky than others out there. The key here is to make sure that design elements in your template don’t slow you down. Google has made it clear that they consider site loading time as a signal for better site ranking.


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