DJI Phantom 4 vs DJI Phantom 3

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE PHANTOM 4 AND THE PHANTOM 3 PROFESSIONAL? OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE The first and most important difference between the two Phantom models is obstacle avoidance. The Phantom 3 has two cameras. It has one camera for video and one for stabilization. With the Phantom 4, they have added three more cameras for improved stabilization and obstacle avoidance. ... Read More »

Meet Willow, The New Dating App Thats Not Based On Lust

In the most recent year, Tinder bundled the experience of making eyes at somebody over a bar and put it right on your telephone. In any case in the event that you’ve ever really experienced with the eyes-in-a-bar experience, you know it can be all in or all out. Willow, another application propelling to the App Store, asks users to ... Read More »

BootChess is the Tiniest Chess Game Ever

BootChess Game

    BootChess Game is the tiniest game programmed for chess. It broke the record of David Horne who created the lowest sized chess game which took  672 byte. He programmed that game in 1982, on that time it was needed to use lowest storage possible. However, the current era- where we have R.A.M’s in GB, Hard Drives in TB ... Read More »

Samsung Z1-Tizen Specification and Price in India

Samsung Z1 Price in India

Samsung Z1: Samsung recently launched a smartphone which is powered by Tizen Os. This is a first mobile from Samsung which is powered by Tizen Os. Not to forget that Samsung is the worlds leading smartphone brand and this matters a lot for their company to always come up with something great. However, bringing Tizen Os in smartphones is new ... Read More »

SuperBeam: Speedy File Transfers on Your Smartphone


Super Beam: New Way to Transfer files Quickly What if you were told that you can transfer your files from your PC to your Android Phone with blink of an eye or better and more faster than the old methods, Bluetooth, USB Cable and Micro SD Card with Card reader; they almost took ages to transfer one video like 1GB ... Read More »

The World’s Slimmest Smartphone In India Vivo X5Max

the X5Max, the Vivo X5Max, slimmest Smartphone ever

“Vivo X5Max” Slimmest Ever Smartphone Launched in India Vivo X5Max is the latest smartphone launched last year in December 2015, it is called the world’s slimmest smartphone ever, it is 4.75mm thick which beats the recent slimmest smartphone OPPO R5 which was 4.85mm thick. Vivo X5Max was recently launched in India for the price of 32,980, since it was first launched ... Read More »

Wifi Tv Old Production Know More about it

Wifi TV, wifi on television, television with wifi

Wifi is merely used just for the sake of Mobile phones, laptops and some more portable gadgets, like tables and I pads; as well we can use this for television. For most of the people or we can say that often we only use Television as the source of news and entertainment and we use it like changing the daily ... Read More »

Canon D500 – An entry-level 500D DSLR with 15MP Review

Canon 500D or D50

The 500D is the fifth generation in Canon’s entry-level line of DSLRs and sits alongside the year-old 450D as the flagship model. Yet its features seem to have more in common with the semi-professional Canon EOS 50D than its predecessor. First up, a brand-new CMOS sensor, similar to the 50D’s, boosts the 500D from 12.2MP to 15.1MP. It also gets ... Read More »

ViewSonic V55 First Phone with Iris Recognition Technology

viewsonic v55

Viewsonic is a technology company, which isn’t about bring new smartphones in the market; there reputation in the technology field is lesser than impressive but they are not giving up at this stage and thinking to introduce something new in the smartphone market which will leave fingerprints sensor far away. As told it is not about bring Smartphones in the ... Read More »

Top Free Cloud Storage Services providers

Top Free Cloud Storage Services , free, Cloud storages

Top Free Cloud Storage Services providers Those days when people used to store their precious data on several CDs or Hard Disk Drives which occupied a lot of space are now over. Now everyone can upload and store all of their data safely without any worries on the internet via Cloud Drives. They can access this Cloud Drive anywhere they ... Read More »