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Apple High Sierra Hack   A major security flaw was discovered in the latest Mac software, MacOS High Sierra, which can allow anyone access to personal information on a computer. The most recent version of the software makes it possible to gain entry into the computer without a password and have access to administrator rights. The bug was discovered by Turkish developer ... Read More »

DigitalOcean vs. Amazon Lightsail | Battle of the Clouds

 Battle of the Clouds On November 30th, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced a new service called “Lightsail” which promises to deliver secure Virtual Private Servers (VPS) at predictable costs. AWS has been the leader in on-demand computing resources for a decade. They pioneered the space, and have by far the largest footprint when it comes to both customers, available regions, ... Read More »

iPhone And iPad Users Can Now Download iOS Apps From Pinterest

Pinterest Updates Pinterest is making its visual social network a destination for app downloads, after it announced a partnership with Apple that lets its users download iOS apps directly from its mobile app. The company said that ‘app Pins’ will be visible within its iOS app — bad news for Android-loving Pinners, this is an iOS exclusive — and will ... Read More »

Facebook Updates Groups For Better Ways To Sell

Facebook Updates Groups Facebook on Tuesday announced the addition of a new feature for Facebook Groups designed to make it easier for members of a “For Sale” group to list their items. The new “Sell” feature, which is now starting to roll out globally to more groups, will allow members to create a post where you can add a description ... Read More »

RapidShare Shuts Down Service

RapidShare RapidShare, one of the first file sharing services on the Internet, is closing down one month from now. After March 31st, every last bit of its client records and information will be erased. The Switzerland-based company went online in 2002 and saw countless month to month guests during its time as king of file sharing a couple of years ... Read More »

Google’s New Small Robotic Dog Gets Kicked!

Googles New Dog Google acquired Boston Dynamics a year ago, which implies it now possesses the organization’s continuous mechanical technology ventures, including BigDog. Today, the Google backup posted features of a little pouch like robot, appropriately named Spot, which weighs around 160 lbs, has an electric powerhouse and can work both inside and outside. The robot, as should be obvious ... Read More »

Latest and best of Modified or Customized Motorcycles

latest, motorcycles, customized

The Latest Customized Motorcycles are on the Top Motorcycles are very popular, with thousands of them on the road. You will find them in a variety of makes and models for your enjoyment. Finding exactly the style you want that fits your body can prove to be difficult, especially if you are extremely short or very tall. Having a customized ... Read More »

How to Get Google Earth Pro Free

How to Get Google Earth Pro For Free

How to Get Google Earth Pro  Free? Many people love to use Google Earth to locate and find addresses, areas and places. But did you know that Google has recently removed the price for Google Earth Pro. Now You don’t have to look for crap you can get licensed Google Earth  free. Earlier it was priced at $399/year however Google ... Read More »

BootChess is the Tiniest Chess Game Ever

BootChess Game

    BootChess Game is the tiniest game programmed for chess. It broke the record of David Horne who created the lowest sized chess game which took  672 byte. He programmed that game in 1982, on that time it was needed to use lowest storage possible. However, the current era- where we have R.A.M’s in GB, Hard Drives in TB ... Read More »

Apple Just Made Much Money Then ever

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How Apple Made a Mind Blowing Amount of Money Recently Apple showed up its 2015 fiscal year 1st quarter Financial results, the results ending 27 December 2014 blown the minds; stated as Apple made mind-blowing amount of money. Apple praising Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 plus, for getting into the market and being the most sold iPhone in the previous quarter. ... Read More »