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15 Awesome Tricks That You Can Do With Google Search Engine

Google Canada Pic

What is Google? Google is the world #1 search engine. It helps you to provide what you want to know or what you actually need. The company named “Google” started in September 4,1998 the idea was to create a search engine only but as soon as Google has made great success so google come up with many things Which are ... Read More »

Do you have a Chromecast? Google wants to pay you.

The Chromecast is already a damned great little device. Pretty much the only thing that would make it better is if Google randomly gave you free money for owning one. Well, they are. As noted by Android Authority, Google is giving out $6 in Google Play credits to Chromecast owners. Note: it seems to be U.S.-only as far as I ... Read More »

How to Get Google Earth Pro Free

How to Get Google Earth Pro For Free

How to Get Google Earth Pro  Free? Many people love to use Google Earth to locate and find addresses, areas and places. But did you know that Google has recently removed the price for Google Earth Pro. Now You don’t have to look for crap you can get licensed Google Earth  free. Earlier it was priced at $399/year however Google ... Read More »

What is AntiVirus? How Does it works

Anti Virus computer virus

What is Antivirus Antivirus is computer software that is used to protect our personal computers from various harmful and malicious threats. From the starting era of computer sciences, viruses are getting nerves of users. The main purpose of antivirus is to secure your computer from viruses and malware attacks. But with the passage of time, more detrimental malwares are introducing ... Read More »

Top Free Cloud Storage Services providers

Top Free Cloud Storage Services , free, Cloud storages

Top Free Cloud Storage Services providers Those days when people used to store their precious data on several CDs or Hard Disk Drives which occupied a lot of space are now over. Now everyone can upload and store all of their data safely without any worries on the internet via Cloud Drives. They can access this Cloud Drive anywhere they ... Read More »

Make A Powerful Connection via Twitter

Build Strong Connection via Twitter

Make a powerful connection via twitter Twitter is one kind of social media. Moreover, it can be designated as a site for community building. There is a limitation of all posts in twitter. All posts must be 140 characters or less than it. The popularity of twitter is raising day by day. Making Connections on Twitter If you want to ... Read More »

How to Get Facebook 50$ Voucher 100$ Google Adword Coupon and 50$ Bing Free Hosting

Thanks To ShezZ Amin (My Dearest Friend)For This Trick 🙂 Here’s the following lists/items that you will get after this trick 🙂 Free Shared Web Hosting Account 50$ Facebook Ads Voucher Code (Free) 100$ Free Google Adword  Coupon Code  50$ Free Bing Advertising Voucher Code Plus : You Can Get 1$/year Hosting Account too(Optional)  So Lets Start ! First Go ... Read More »

I got a Friend Request of mine in Facebook – Facebook Bug

  ^This is what PC users see 😀 A Friend Request suggestion  And now the most hilarious part if you or the victim is a Smartphone user this is what will he get  And the most funny part when the victim tries to Delete this it wouldn’t work unless he comes from Pc/laptop Note: This  is only for Educational Purpose ... Read More »