How to add Cloudflare IP Range to Amazon AWS EC2 Security Group

If you are like me using  Cloudflare as your DNS provider for your website and you are using an Amazon EC2 instance as your host, this might be an extra security step you want to implement. You want to do this to protect your server from being directly accessible to the Internet.  In this way, only CloudFlare servers will be ... Read More »

How to Migrate Parse to another Provider

  How to migrate Parse to another provider Bye Bye Parse ;( It has finally come to this point and I am sad to keep saying it but Parse Server is shutting down in less than a month. Parse has been my go to for 3 years now. They were easy to use and get setup to integrate with your ... Read More »

How to setup CloudFlare with DigitalOcean/NameCheap

How to setup CloudFlare with NameCheap People have been asking me what an easy way to secure their website from a networking standpoint. Now for beginners, there are a lot of things that can come into play.  I mean we have firewalls, load balancers,  the actual server ports themselves and a lot of different variables that can come into play. ... Read More »