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How to add Cloudflare IP Range to Amazon AWS EC2 Security Group

If you are like me using  Cloudflare as your DNS provider for your website and you are using an Amazon EC2 instance as your host, this might be an extra security step you want to implement. You want to do this to protect your server from being directly accessible to the Internet.  In this way, only CloudFlare servers will be ... Read More »

Best 5 SEO Plugins for WordPress Websites | Blogs

5 best SEO plugins for wordpress

5 Helpful SEO Plugins for WordPress Websites In order to use additional features on your website, it is advisable to have the plug-ins on it. This feature allows easy trafficking for the website visitors. When talking about WordPress websites then WP can be called a useful treasure of plugins. There is lot of free plugins available for you to use ... Read More »

Benefits of WordPress for Your Online Business Website

Wordpress sites

Benefits of WordPress for Your Online Business Website WordPress has evolved from a Blogging platform to CMS and these days most online business Websites prefers WordPress as their top choice of platform. Many people, who are not aware of this change and benefits of using WordPress or similar CMS platforms, are still opting for some static pages .html Websites. Here ... Read More »

Killing tricks |where to Get Backlinks 2015

Get Backlinks 2015

3 Authentic and easy ways to get Backlinks 2015 The word “Backlinking or Building Links” could be a pain in the back, if you get to know that you can rank with only creating “Backlinks” and “Quality backlinks“. You might shiver when it comes to Question ” How to get Backlinks” or “Where to get Backlinks”, well to be honest you ... Read More »