Everything About Google Driverless Technology You Need To Know

Google Driverless TechnologyGoogle Driverless Technology

Driver-less Technology :

Google just raised it’s hands with the most advanced technology.This is used to be called Google Self-Driving Car Project. This is a project by Google in which a technology is being developed for autonomous cars. Google Chauffeur is the name of that software that is powering Google cars. Sebastian Thrun is currently working on this project. Google (A search engine company) is working very hard to bring this type of advance technology ASAP(as soon as possible).


How this Actually Works:

Well the car will be connected to a device probably smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is to enter your desired location (where you wanted to reach) in your smartphone or Tab and Google Driverless Car will do the rest (Sounds Amazing). Google Driverless Car is powered by an electric motor designed to work only in urban areas. The top speed that the Google Driver-less Car can reach around 40(kmph).  This is the speed of current Driver-less Car unit.  While, Google is working on it to increase the speed.

Google Driverless Car Technology

Google Driverless Car


This is just an example !!! Google is not concerned to get into car manufacturing. Although they wants to show the maximum possibilities i.e Google Glass , Google Driverless Car


When you entered a specific location using your smartphone google car will locate that location by using beam laser and will generate a 3D Map of that location plus it locates and detect the entire environment during the location. The most wonderful thing is that this car has a driving range of 100 miles (160 Km) on 100% charge.


Since this technology is very new and rarely it can be found . It is still in early ages but according to Google Report you can get Google Robotic Driver-less Car  in $150,000. Else you can fit that ladar Equipment in your car and your car will work same as Google Driver-less Car do But the cost of that Ladar Equipment is some around between $70,000 – $80,000..

Here’s the video of Google Driverless Technology Car

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