A Free App to Solve Math Equations with Camera – PhotoMath

PhotoMath a perfect Smartphone App to Solve Math Problems and Math equation Solver through Smartphone Camera

Mathematics isn’t quite a tough subject or field to be worried about but if someone is lacking in practice; surely he needs something handy to solve the math equations. For those people having no interest and lacking in Practices, they think Maths is the toughest, wierdest and hardest subject on the Scale and for that they do own a Calculator with them, somehow they aren’t handy enough due to their size.

What if those guys can get  something better than that? what if they can solve the problems with their Smartphones, by using a Camera? Imagine it, you got a smartphone with a good camera as well you got some equations to be solved out and you are solving it just by your Smartphone camera! Amazing isn’t it? Well that can be true if you want to just point the camera to the equation and its solved in blinks, to do that you need “PhotoMath”. PhotoMath is a new free application that can solve your Math equations or can be a Math equation solver for real. Indeed !


Features of PhotoMath

For a while you might be thinking that This application is creating a cheating mind for children, they might start using it in unethical way to solve their homework or do in school, but instead of thinking that let us define you some special features of “PhotoMath”. This Application contains feature to explain or guide through the steps to solve that equation, so the child will not only get the answer but also step to step guide to actually solve that problem. Even the “PhotoMath” app would be easy to use for the parents, who have knowledge for Smartphones and can help their child as a tutor to them. So Say No to Expensive Tutors.!!!

For the current time, This app includes features to solve Algorithm, arithmetics, decimal numbers, fractions and much more like linear equations etc.. As heard from other resources that “PhotoMath” will be including more features as for the use of higher purpose. “PhotoMath” use OCR technology to detect and recognize the equations to solve them and provide steps to initiate manually.

“PhotoMath” was introduced by the Microblink, a London based Company which works as building up applications that can make up and easy in every type of calculation or solving any type of problems, scientific, mathematical, finance much more. Microblink is behind this application, as well they are trying to create more such applications that would be helping Bankers in online and offline Banking applications.


In the End, we will conclude that “PhotoMath” is a very unique free application that can help children solve and get instruction for solving Math equations and can perfect their errors that occur during process. This app can save the most of the time that students spend of searching various methods,  as well parents can get handy for it as they can teach their child in a easy way. This Application is a worth trying, might possibly the better way to increase the practice.

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