How to Get Google Earth Pro Free

How to Get Google Earth Pro  Free?

Many people love to use Google Earth to locate and find addresses, areas and places. But did you know that Google has recently removed the price for Google Earth Pro. Now You don’t have to look for crap you can get licensed Google Earth  free. Earlier it was priced at $399/year however Google is not charging any single cent now for the Pro version.

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How to Get Google Earth Pro For Free

Google Earth Pro

Let’s have a look what can you do with Google Earth Pro version which you wasn’t able to do in Google Earth free version.

  • You can print images at 4000×3200; on free version it was 1000×1000
  • Automatically few thousands address to be pinned at map < This was the most needed feature for everyone looking for Google Earth Pro
  • You can capture HD videos of what is showing in the screen
  • You can measure distance/areas by using lines, polygons, circle and more. While in free version it was just lines from which you can measure distance.

Why Google made Earth Pro version for free?

Google just set new price for Google Earth Pro, Earlier it was $399 and now its $0.00 – yes! it’s completely free. The reason for this because not  many people were interested in buying a software which costs $399 a year to just show the areas and maps. Maybe only few billionaire could waste their money like this. That’s why Google has just decided to make it free for everyone.

Follow these following steps to Get Google Earth Pro For Free

  • Go to this link Click me and fill out the form.
  • After filling this form you’ll get a licensed key issued on your snail mail (E-mail).
  • Now download Google Earth Pro by clicking on following link . Click Me!
  • Download and Install it. Remember: Your email is your username.
  • Enjoy!!

I got mine Google Earth Pro  free!  have you?

Google Earth Pro Saddar Town Picture

Google Earth Pro showing areas of Saddar Town,Karachi

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