Google’s Master Plan to Avoid the Rejection of Driverless Car

Google Anticipated for Driverless car

California department had announced immediately after cover of Google’s driverless car; that the autonomous cars would require manual control while if they want to go off, as well for the tests for the Google’s driverless car it was a new obstacle. The California department declared that if the car is going to be on the track or test they would require a Manual control on the Road. It seemed that this statement was a clearly osbtacle for the Google’s invention, but later on Google updated that “They already Planned” something for it.

Google's Driverless Car

Google’s Driverless Car

Google Replied for the Driverless car

Google replied to the earlier statement that we already anticipated that California Department would test the vehicle to have a manual fallback, so we had a plan ready for it. Google’s plan was to fit a temporary Steering wheel to car in the top priority, so it seemed that Google was already thinking 2 steps ahead. Its Obvious that Google contradicts a master plan and at the end they stand for saying that testing would now resolve the matter or at least we could have a good hope.

“Google in the end stated that now the cars are tested at its on tracks from morning to dusk on a huge traffic area, busy road to determine their own faith in their invention.”



  1. Personally I do not understand why try to make unnecessary humans in activities of daily living ?. A car driver who we like, we find satisfactory control the vehicle and feel that we have the final decision to our destination on the trip; it does not seem necessary to further reduce the human and do so dependent on technology that enslaves.

    • The thing is that by the time we are changing our methods of doing the work, as well every industry who can be innovative are trying their level best to make work done more easy. While your Point is exactly correct, that we might be loosing our grips as being “Human”. Appreciated ..:)

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