How to Migrate Parse to another Provider


How to migrate Parse to another provider

Bye Bye Parse ;(

It has finally come to this point and I am sad to keep saying it but Parse Server is shutting down in less than a month. Parse has been my go to for 3 years now. They were easy to use and get setup to integrate with your app but I guess all good things must come to an end. With all this being said they have released their source code and some migration tutorials on how to create your own “Parse” server. Now me coming from a Development/DevOps background this was easy for me to do and enjoyed learning it. Now there are those who do not care to setup the server themselves so of course people have took advantage of this and which they should. We are going to get into a few options and the main option I chose and why.

Different Parse Solutions

There are many different ways to migrate Parse mainly because now they have announced about a year ago and since then people have been developing different ways to host this service. The list I am going to give may change within time and I will do my best to keep it updated but I like to pick solutions that are in it for the long haul. So here is my list of Parse alternatives for the not so “I want to setup my own Parse Server” people.

  1. Buddy – This one is my personal favorite has a clean UI and looks just like Parse. They also have a great migration guide located here. I will have a video on the Migration Process within this coming up week.
  2. Back4App – Back4App is just as great as Buddy but I chose Buddy over this for the UI. The service itself is just as reliable and this was my first go to before Buddy came out.
  3. ObjectRocket – This service is getting into the more DIY part of the process but it still is easy to create your own DB instance and migrate your data over.
  4. FireBase – This is a great option just simply because Google owns it and you will have less chance of this getting EOL before the other ones possibly. With that being said there is a little more work involved with this solution.

These are my top 4 that I picked simply because I wanted the best solution for myself. There might be other options out there that you think are better/easier to use if so we would love to hear what that is and possibly add it to the list. I am going to be putting up some tutorials on the migration process so stay in touch if this is something you need done. For my tutorial I went with Buddy if you would like a video on a different provider please leave a comment below. We have less than 30 days now!

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