ViewSonic V55 First Phone with Iris Recognition Technology

viewsonic v55

Viewsonic is a technology company, which isn’t about bring new smartphones in the market; there reputation in the technology field is lesser than impressive but they are not giving up at this stage and thinking to introduce something new in the smartphone market which will leave fingerprints sensor far away. As told it is not about bring Smartphones in the ... Read More »

Top Free Cloud Storage Services providers

Top Free Cloud Storage Services , free, Cloud storages

Top Free Cloud Storage Services providers Those days when people used to store their precious data on several CDs or Hard Disk Drives which occupied a lot of space are now over. Now everyone can upload and store all of their data safely without any worries on the internet via Cloud Drives. They can access this Cloud Drive anywhere they ... Read More »

The Best Tech Cars 2015 New Year Spouse

Best Tech cars 2015, Best Tech cars, Best Tech 2015

When it comes on asking which was the best tech car or best tech cars of 2014? the quote remains the same, the car which didn’t had fuel efficiency, body, nor horsepower but the only thing relied was for driver is that the car had safety assistance which was the best of a tech car. The more infotainment system it ... Read More »

Zong M811 4G LTE Smartphone – Specs, Features and Price

Zong M811 4G LTE

Zong M811 4G LTE Smartphone; The first 4G telecom network operator Zong,– has recently announced a smartphone named Zong m811.The Zong M811 is  the same handset that is retailed by China Mobile (Zong’s actual group) in China and Hong Kong. Zong  M811 4G Offer and Specs Zong M811 priced at R.s21,500. The advantage is that buying this smartphone will get ... Read More »

Make A Powerful Connection via Twitter

Build Strong Connection via Twitter

Make a powerful connection via twitter Twitter is one kind of social media. Moreover, it can be designated as a site for community building. There is a limitation of all posts in twitter. All posts must be 140 characters or less than it. The popularity of twitter is raising day by day. Making Connections on Twitter If you want to ... Read More »

YotaPhone 2 Specification and Price in USA , UK

Dual Screen Mobile

YotaPhone 2 With Dual Screen Mobile Technology; What is Dual Screen Mobile Technology? The phone is fill up with the most advance technology.The mobile has dual screen front is amoled HD screen second one is e-ink display. This is the uniqueness in this phone on the other hand this technology make this phone very expensive.   Network Technology GSM / ... Read More »

Best 5 SEO Plugins for WordPress Websites | Blogs

5 best SEO plugins for wordpress

5 Helpful SEO Plugins for WordPress Websites In order to use additional features on your website, it is advisable to have the plug-ins on it. This feature allows easy trafficking for the website visitors. When talking about WordPress websites then WP can be called a useful treasure of plugins. There is lot of free plugins available for you to use ... Read More »

Benefits of WordPress for Your Online Business Website

Wordpress sites

Benefits of WordPress for Your Online Business Website WordPress has evolved from a Blogging platform to CMS and these days most online business Websites prefers WordPress as their top choice of platform. Many people, who are not aware of this change and benefits of using WordPress or similar CMS platforms, are still opting for some static pages .html Websites. Here ... Read More »

PhotoMath Review that reveals its insights..

PhotoMath Reviews

PhotoMath A new app that is called PhotoMath is created by team MicroBlink ( . MicroBlink is text recognition technology company. This app is very simple to use all you have to do is to open up your mobile’s camera and capture the equation it will give you an immediate answer plus it will show you a detailed solved method ... Read More »

A Free App to Solve Math Equations with Camera – PhotoMath

PhotoMath Equation

PhotoMath a perfect Smartphone App to Solve Math Problems and Math equation Solver through Smartphone Camera Mathematics isn’t quite a tough subject or field to be worried about but if someone is lacking in practice; surely he needs something handy to solve the math equations. For those people having no interest and lacking in Practices, they think Maths is the ... Read More »