Google’s Master Plan to Avoid the Rejection of Driverless Car

Google's Driverless Car

Google Anticipated for Driverless car California department had announced immediately after cover of Google’s driverless car; that the autonomous cars would require manual control while if they want to go off, as well for the tests for the Google’s driverless car it was a new obstacle. The California department declared that if the car is going to be on the ... Read More »

Everything About Google Driverless Technology You Need To Know

Google Driverless Car Technology

Google Driverless Technology Driver-less Technology : Google just raised it’s hands with the most advanced technology.This is used to be called Google Self-Driving Car Project. This is a project by Google in which a technology is being developed for autonomous cars. Google Chauffeur is the name of that software that is powering Google cars. Sebastian Thrun is currently working on ... Read More »

Construction Begins on Extremely Large Telescope

Extremely Large Telescope is on the way to create an image of the Earth like Planets from Light years away To explore the increasingly adjectives on the Planet earth and out in the stars, to seek out the life; an extremely large telescope is to be constructed by European southern observatory. They said that the construction of the extremely large ... Read More »

Killing tricks |where to Get Backlinks 2015

Get Backlinks 2015

3 Authentic and easy ways to get Backlinks 2015 The word “Backlinking or Building Links” could be a pain in the back, if you get to know that you can rank with only creating “Backlinks” and “Quality backlinks“. You might shiver when it comes to Question ” How to get Backlinks” or “Where to get Backlinks”, well to be honest you ... Read More »

Gright Inspire A880 Reviews And Specification – Price in Pakistan

   Gright Inspire A880 : A New Beast Mobile in Pakistan After Qmobile z6 , z5 But it take over of all these mobiles because the specs are brilliant and the price is reasonable or word “cheap” would be better Lets Have A look of its Performance First : We tested this On Antutu BenchMark And We Got the Following ... Read More »

How to Get Facebook 50$ Voucher 100$ Google Adword Coupon and 50$ Bing Free Hosting

Thanks To ShezZ Amin (My Dearest Friend)For This Trick 🙂 Here’s the following lists/items that you will get after this trick 🙂 Free Shared Web Hosting Account 50$ Facebook Ads Voucher Code (Free) 100$ Free Google Adword  Coupon Code  50$ Free Bing Advertising Voucher Code Plus : You Can Get 1$/year Hosting Account too(Optional)  So Lets Start ! First Go ... Read More »

I got a Friend Request of mine in Facebook – Facebook Bug

  ^This is what PC users see 😀 A Friend Request suggestion  And now the most hilarious part if you or the victim is a Smartphone user this is what will he get  And the most funny part when the victim tries to Delete this it wouldn’t work unless he comes from Pc/laptop Note: This  is only for Educational Purpose ... Read More »

The Note 4 Next Generation Display with Galaxy Note Edge Complete Specifications Details

Samsung New Premium Phablet Note 4 Edge A Good Looking Smartphone … It can be paired with any Galaxy Watch Gadget Let’s Talk About Specification NowScreenSamsung has given this smartphone a Quad-HD display with a ​2560×1440 p resolution on a  Super AMOLED screen. The screen is 5.7-inches in size which is the same as the Galaxy Note 3. Samsung has ... Read More »

The New Update From Google Andriod L Is Going to Release

The next-generation Andriod OS that may well be known as Andriod 4.5 or Andriod 5.0 is about to exchange the present Andriod four.4.4 KitKat with minor bug fixes and little changes. Early reports recommended Andriod 4.5 or Andriod 5.0 are going to be known as Lollipop and can go with UI, icon and Google currently changes with the potential launch ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Reviews And Specification – Technology Geeks

Samsung Galaxy Note 4  Release Date Since the Date is not confirmed yet.. But it is expected to release in September 2014, The Reason of this expectation is that All note series phone were released On September So there are high chances Features And Specification Now when it comes to features This will be the High end phone In Specification ... Read More »