PhotoMath Review that reveals its insights..

PhotoMath Reviews


A new app that is called PhotoMath is created by team MicroBlink ( . MicroBlink is text recognition technology company. This app is very simple to use all you have to do is to open up your mobile’s camera and capture the equation it will give you an immediate answer plus it will show you a detailed solved method as well.

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PhotoMath Equation   This is a perfect example shows how this app actually works. Imagine you do not have much time to solve that Math Equation then this app Photomath is a perfect solution for you. You can get your answer by an twinkling of an eye Isn’t amazing!!!

What types of Equations PhotoMath Can Solve?

Well that should be the next question that you must thinking about … Thanks to the developer who made this wonderful app that could solve most of the General Equations

Following Are the Equation that PhotoMath Can solve:

Note: PhotoMath Can solve more but here’s  the list of those equations which is being tested by our team

  • Quadratic Equations
  • Logarithm
  • Geometrical Expressions
  • Whole Algebra
  • Perfect Square
  • Find the x value

We are quite sure that PhotoMath will do much more as we showed, but this is what we tested. There are numerous other applications and other useful gadgets that can solve math equations but this is unambiguous that no one can beat Photomath. Because when it comes to simplicity and fastest way Photomath always stand at #1

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 What others think about PhotoMath (PhotoMath Review)

The above one was little introduction of the following app to clear you actually what is the app about you may also read the whole article about its creation and how is actually works by clicking on the above link . But now lets come to its user’s impression .


The Idea was simply clear and fantastic that changed the way and helped the slogan “Nothing is impossible“. It was beyond to the idea of others that there would be an app tomorrow which will solve all your Maths Problems.


The design of this app is simple and quite easy to understand and very friendly to the new comers.

Here’s the review’s of some users

NOTE :  If you are unable to see then Please click on the picture to read it properly

Iphone Users

Customer Feedback About PhotoMath

Window Ph0ne Users Review

PhotoMath Reviews

Andriod users

The company didn’t make the andriod app according to officials it will be there in the Mid Quater of 2015.


Positiveness and Negativeness of PhotoMath



1.Good For Student; First of all this app is great for every one and especially for students to make revisions

2.Improve Education: Everyone knows that Math isn’t easy subject at all you have to pay attention during classes or either  be ready  to get 0 marks in your exams. Since math doesn’t include any theory. Practice makes a man perfect and this app is playing a vital role in spreading Education

3.Comfort for Office: You are at office : In some works we use those formulas in our daily life. especially (Commerce Student) this app is working like charm for them. After Calculator this is the best thing that helps in understanding the Math.

4.Easy to use;  This app is easy  as 1.2.3 , even my brother can use Photomath to solve math equations and he is just 6 years old

Alot More, every good thing comes in Positiveness ! Let’s talk about Negativity now..


1.Sorry for Andriod Users (Major Problem) The main issue is that this app is not available for Andriod Devices however, the company said that this app will be available for andriod users in 2015. (Mid of 2015)

2.Bad for Students; Now This could be the second major issue because Math required hard practice and even after that “if it seems easy, you’re doing it wrong” so for those lazy student who don’t like to do homework and can get their answer without practicing is very dangerous for their career.

3.Unqualification; If you use this app because you don’t have time then the use of this app is okay however , if you are using this app because you don’t know how to solve that equation neither you want to learn and this is the big disaster and If somehow you done your paper with the help of this app then you are used to be called “unqualified Student

4.Hand Writing Recognition; The bad thing is that if the equation or question is written by you then it depends on your luck whether the app is correctly taking your question or not. This issue can be solved if you have a robotic writing which seems not possible for everyone

5.Limitation; This app has only limited solutions for the maths problem however, if you’ve made your own question just to check the app. Then it might give you error or wrong answer and this could lead you to have punishment in School or University.


What We Suggest :

Though, you disagree or not that’s your right. Our Personal Opinion is that this app is 30% Positive and 70% Negative. Using this app in any term is wrong (according to Amir) You have to practice  a lot to be proficient in  Math or at-least familiar with it.After studying the whole app in details Amir and Hanan (founders of realized that this app is just waste of time.  However sometimes it’s good to save time but this could be wrong also.


Here’s a official video of PhotoMath app;

PhotoMath from MicroBLINK on Vimeo.

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  1. sound cool! I think it will be perfect for me but one thing still it is not available for android phones 🙁

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